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You decide how successful you want to be.

The range of services and products offered by Polyconnect Data Control is comprehensive, modern, holistic and individual.

All performance diagnostic segments have to mesh like the wheels of a clockwork if an effective and optimal performance diagnostics according to the latest scientific knowledge is to be implemented. At its core is the software that collects all the data and puts it in a meaningful relationship.

The EIPD can provide its services on request: The EIPD mobile have the necessary technology on board. The EIPD network develops interdisciplinary individual training plans and talent forecasts.

An important quality feature is the EIPD’s own academy. High integrity, reliability and above all the competence of the people involved. The EIPD can not only analyze and describe the “problems” of top-class sport, but also offer the practicable solution: with suitable staff to offer all LD areas, with the most modern instruments and sensibly mobile.

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