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The Status

Top-class sport – primarily game sports and especially football – is exposed to extremely high economic constraints and is interested in being successful in sport and consequently constantly adapting to new sports science findings and exhausting all resources in training / competition / game design. Current empirical studies, new medical and sports science experiences, important diagnostic parameters, technological developments and the diversity of data (big data) are just a few examples in top-class sport.

The expansion of effective typing of athletes/players and controlling procedures are an important challenge in order to quickly provide the necessary information in high-performance sports – especially in ball game sports – as the basis for important decisions in the area of ​​training control and competition or game.

Especially in professional football, universities and institutes with an emphasis on training science have been looking for improved performance optimization for 10-15 years. With different analyzes and performance diagnosis procedures, team-specific and individual performance profiles are created, which in many cases, however, are not comparable and do not meet the scientifically required quality criteria.

Through targeted sports science and sports medicine-based performance diagnostics – as offered by our EIPD unit – there is the possibility, for example, of creating a football-specific individual training for different age groups and thus reducing the physical deficits of each individual player to a minimum.

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