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The EIPD Unit

EIPD performance diagnostics can be carried out mobile at the training and competition venues for sports with a team of 15 to 25 athletes or a group of individual athletes of a similar size (rowers, canoeists, tennis players, track and field athletes, etc.).

The EIPD tests and examinations are scientifically proven methods that have already been successfully used in practice.

Blood status tests, diagnostics and advice in the food sector and dental and jaw diagnostics are carried out by certified and renowned partner companies that have been active on the “market” for decades.

The instruments for measuring the conditional and coordinative performance components – force plates, photoelectric cells, laser-controlled (mobile) speed court – are state of the art.

Improving the performance of a player/athlete or a team in the highest performance range requires extensive knowledge of sports and training science. The more complex the structure of the requirement profile – such as in football – and the more extensive the sporting context, the more complex the range of factors influencing sporting performance and the need to diagnose all performance-determining parameters.

Against this background, the responsible EIPD staff consists exclusively of experienced, scientifically trained employees

The services of the EIPD are modular and include:

  • nutritional analysis diagnosis
  • quantitative match analysis
  • performance diagnostic basic tests (endurance, speed, jumping ability, body stability etc.)
  • coordinative testing
  • CBC diagnostics (Complete Blood Count)
  • sports tooth and jaw diagnostics
  • The EIPD-Mobile can carry out the tests on site and under sport-specific conditions. Sports-specific training devices are being developed.
  • talent identification
  • cognitive diagnosticspsychological performance diagnostics
  • Interpretation of the results and suggestions for action
  • Training at the EIPD Academy.

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