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The Software

The topic of “Human Performance Management in Sport” is the key to success, decides whether you win or lose. The amount of data collected in the sports and health market has been growing exponentially for years. This data is collected by different measuring systems with different technologies. There is no central database, but there are many “data islands”.

Due to the decentralized distribution of the data, information is lost. Connections are not recognized and the data are not prepared for optimal decisions. Big data is a young discipline. Also in sports. Until recently, the dominant term in performance diagnostics was “lactate”.

Now everything changes. Performance in sport has become a tough and lucrative currency. Talent forecasting is no longer just an experienced view. A strong piece of software is required to tame the gigantic mass of data. Many have tried this in recent years, especially from the university environment. But: An Excel spreadsheet is not a modern front end, and accounting and ticketing are not even related to performance diagnostics. And the edge of a plate shouldn’t be a limit.

Polyconnect has the necessary backend and moves in its niche. Modern data acquisition, secure data storage and competent data interpretation are specific know-how to access the small or large performance difference, which can decide over millions. The certification opens the medical market and occupational health care. Polyconnect’s own academy “EIPD” (European Institute for Performance Diagnostics) is to become the clock that sets international standards. The scaling of the business model is sport across, international and technological. The individual project solutions accompany our online services.

Intelligent data evaluation. Polyconnect collects the data from the system partners during data collection for storage and further processing. Polyconnect is initially an interface for data harmonization, making it the absolutely necessary prerequisite for further processing.

The data can then also be analyzed. For the output a specific frontend is needed that should be developed for the customers “taylormade”, because the requirements are highly individual. The software controls the devices used at the same time. This order entry control is an innovative relief for coaches and athletes, reduces time expenditure and error susceptibility.

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