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Looking for the little difference that decides whether you win or lose?


The Polyconnect Data Control with the attached European Institute for Performance Diagnostics raises the sport science performance diagnostics to a new level. This is the great potential that can significantly improve the performance of individual athletes and entire teams. Important: Taking into account the individuality.

So far, the performance diagnostic measures have been limited to checking the conditional components of endurance, strength, speed and mobility. Not all professional associations test selected coordinative performance characteristics of their athletes/players.

In top-class sport, however, these diagnostics are far from sufficient: These test procedures do not provide adequately information about the performance and load management and do not say anything about the ability of an athlete/player to regenerate.

Talents can therefore not be forecast or promoted optimally. There is no extension of the performance diagnostic measures to younger age groups. The examinations usually take place not on site. Big data does not take into account the individuality of an athlete – big data is needed for the individual athlete and the correct handling of the results.

We set new standards and help to make the difference that decides whether you win or lose.

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